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Build Friendly Post Url

To build friendly post url for SEO, please follow up some simple steps: 1) Enable 'Use Friendly Url' option in the Host Settings. 2) Fill the field slug when you are creating a new post. You can make it automatically by checking the option 'Auto-Generate Friendly Url' in the writing settings of your blog. 3) Until now, you will get some similar url like that:  But you may want to remove the tabid part (tabid/xx/) and let it more clear and more SEO. Well, let’s go ahead the step 4). 4) Download the free iFinity Friendly Url Provider. There is also a professional license with more features but the free version is enough for us. 5) Install it in your dnn website. 6) Open up your web.config, find the element <friendlyUrl> and append iFinity.FriendlyUrl like this: <friendlyUrl defaultProvider="iFinity.FriendlyUrl"> <providers> <clear /> <add name="DNNFriendlyUrl" type=" ...

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