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Window Live Writer

Just list some common issues about window live writer: How to troubleshoot this issue that  when entering the Web address where our blog is reachable, but Windows Live Writer returns this error below: "A successful connection was made to your account however the server reported that you do not currently have an active blog. Please ensure that your account with this provider is current before proceeding." Please refer to the post for more details about this issue - Fixed Window Live Writer Issue with SunBlogNuke. I am trying to use Window Live Writer/Word to publish my blog. I have turned on the MetWeblog publishing in the Blog settings. I restarted the application but still isn't working. I tried to navigate to the webpage manually and get an error that the resource 'MetaWeblog.aspx' page cannot be found. Please open up the web.config of your website, find out the <httpHandlers> element and check out whether there is the child element as follows: SunBlogNuke v3.x and ol ...

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Integrated with Window Live Writer

Here we would like to tell you how to write your post of "SunBlog" with Window Live Writer(WLW). You know, the Window Live Writer is so great for post management of web blog that "SunBlog" had supported this killer feature natively. And another reason is that editing a long blog post in the FCK editor is painful.  Anyone who has ever lost a blog post because of a login timeout knows just how painful it truly can be. I spend an hour or more writing my blog posts and to have it just disappear is enough to make you cry. Ok, if you haven't yet set up your WLW to post to your blog, now let us go ahead. It's really easy. Here's the simple steps below: Start WLW, and progress through the first couple of steps, indicating you already have a blog, and that it's with 'Another Blog Service'. Enter your blog URL(That should be your blog home page url, like and user account which related with your blog. Select "MetaWeblog API" as the type ...

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LOTS of screenshots about Ultimate DNN Blog Module – #SunBlogNuke below:


More will be available later. Please stay tuned.

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