Just list some common issues about window live writer:

How to troubleshoot this issue that  when entering the Web address where our blog is reachable, but Windows Live Writer returns this error below:

"A successful connection was made to your account however the server reported that you do not currently
have an active blog. Please ensure that your account with this provider is current before proceeding."

Please refer to the post for more details about this issue - Fixed Window Live Writer Issue with SunBlogNuke.
I am trying to use Window Live Writer/Word to publish my blog. I have turned on the MetWeblog publishing in the Blog settings. I restarted the application but still isn't working. I tried to navigate to the webpage manually and get an error that the resource 'MetaWeblog.aspx' page cannot be found.
Please open up the web.config of your website, find out the <httpHandlers> element and check out whether there is the child element as follows:

SunBlogNuke v3.x and older version:  <add verb="*" path="MetaWeblog.aspx" type="DnnSun.SunBlogNuke.MetaWeblogAPI.MetaWeblog, DnnSun.Modules.SunBlogNuke" validate="false"/>

SunBlogNuke v4.x and latest version:  <add verb="*" path="MetaWeblog.aspx" type="SunBlogNuke.MetaWeblogAPI.MetaWeblog, SunBlogNuke.Core" validate="false"/>

If not please insert the above element in the end of <httpHandlers> element.

Under the WLW 'Blog Capabilities' there also seems to be many more items ticked as 'No' than in the other blog, such as not tags or categories option.
Please check out the view permission of your main blog page. Just make sure that changing permissions so anyone can view the page and WLW setup with all the capabilities will work properly.
When trying to create a new Blog account in WLW I get, it just popup
"Can’t connect your blog service:
Server error - the server reported an error with the following web address: http://domainname.com/desktopmodules/sunblog/metaweblog.ashx
500 Internal server error".
How to fix it?
Please fix this issue with the following workaround below:

1) Unzip the install package.
2) You should find out the assembly "CookComputing.XmlRpcV2.dll" in the bin folder.
3) Copy it into your $root/bin folder or upload it via ftp.