Here this tutorial covers the best practice for setting up multiple blogs in DNN website; plus some troubling in the process. Follow up the steps below with admin/host account:

  1. Create a new page (DNN "tab"/page) with some common settings you want.
  2. Add SunBlog module to this current page. Note that if you ever built more than one blog in the website, the current blog page should be the aggregated blog view and all the existing blogs will be there.
  3. Next you need to bind the target blog with the current page. If not any, please create a new blog instance firstly. Enter dashboard with admin/host account and click 'Blogs' icon to go to the "manage blogs" panel, where you can manipulate all the blogs hosted in the website, such as create a new blog instance or edit blog's properties.

    Multiple Blogs

    As you look in the screenshot, our "Knowledge Base" page, "Showcase Gallery" page & "Team blog" page are separate blogs and built with supporting multiple blogs in one website.

  4. Click 'Edit' the target blog in the grid to show "edit blog' panel and assign blog with the current page in the field marked 'Blog.Home.Page'.

    Assign Blogs

  5. Save those changes with clicking ‘update’ button in the bottom.

Congratulations, now the separate blog have been built to place in the current page and all the blog admin panels are available to access for blog managements.