If you have the requirement to modify some words in SunBlogNuke module, please let us go through the easy process. For example, you think that the text “Was it good for you, too?Join the discussion », but you need to login first before you make comments.”  lets their end users get confused as to where to go after reading this and wanted to adjust the phrases. Take a look at the comments text pictured below:


To read: Please join the discussion. To make a comment, you will need to register and login.

Actually you can modify it yourself easily. They are the resource texts and localizable, which are placed in DesktopModules/SunBlog/App_LocalResources folder. You can utilize the DNN core localization panel with going to the Admin–>Language page to modify all values.  Follow up the simple steps below:

1) Find out the resource file “ViewEntry.ascx.resx”


2) Look for the resource key “AddCommentWithMustLogin.Text”


Note: you must back up the resource files before you apply updates of SunBlogNuke because it may get overwritten. After upgrading it completely you should combine some changes for this update.

If you have some thoughts about the post or need to do more customizations about our DNN blog module, please feel free to comment below or send us a note.

Good luck and happy writing.

The SunBlogNuke Team