Note that the import feature is only supported from Ultimate DNN Blog Module – SunBlogNuke v4.0.5+ and it doesn’t import tags and attachments in blog posts, which you will have to move manually or other ways yourself.

As more and more clients request to moving their WordPress blog to our Ultimate DNN Blog Module – SunBlogNuke, we finally implemented it as the core built-in feature from v4.0.5. Now you can import your WP data with BlogML format. Maybe you don’t know what is BlogML. Actually BlogML is an open format derived from XML to store and restore the entire content of a blog. You can use BlogML as a way to archive the contents of blogs or to act as a standard format for transferring content from one blog to another - this allows you to easily migrate your blog data from one blogging engine to another.

BlogML is supported by lots of blog platforms such as Community Server,, Subtext and DasBlog. And BlogML is really nice when it works so our blog engine start to adopt the format.  Now let us go through the import process. That is pretty easy and here’s a summary of the steps:

  1. Download the latest convert tool WordPress BlogML Export and unzip it in a folder in your local machine, like WPBlogML, you should find the executable program WPBlogML.exe.
  2. Go to the import panel of WP (Tools -> Export). Export your blog data with WordPress eXtended RSS (WXR) format and save the resulting file into the folder you created in step 1.  Note that you must select specific author for the exported data because until now our import feature supports only one author per time(The new package v6.2 had removed this limit).
  3. Run WPBlogML to convert the file: WPBlogML.exe [name_of_wxr_file].  The program will run, converting the blog into BlogML.  When the program is done, it will tell you how many categories, authors, posts, comments, and trackbacks were written to the BlogML export.
  4. Login your dnn blog page with admin/host account and go to the admin panel.
  5. Click “Export/Import” to enter the import panel like below:

    Migrating from WordPress to DNN Blog

  6. Upload the BlogML file which you converted in the step 3.
  7. Select the specific blog role for the author of your exported data from another blog engine. The import process will check whether the author exist, if not create and assign he/she with the specific blog role you choose here.
    Note that you may split the posts and upload it with the accepted size every time if there are lots of posts and the size of the exported file exceeds 3M.
  8. Click “import” button to begin the import process.
  9. When done, you will see the confirm message with the new blog user if it has created one.

Hope that helps. If you’d like any further details, leave a comment/question and I’ll update the tutorial.

Please try the latest package v6.2+ without limitation. BTW, the export/import feature will be enhanced more in the later building and then it will remove all the limits and make it done automatically. Please stay tune.

PS: thanks Tyler’s comment, please note to the WPBlogML converter. You may get this error: "Unhandled exception: System.Xml.XmlExceptions: 'atom' is an undeclared namespace."

If you do, you only have to remove the reference from your xml file from WP. For example,

<atom:link rel="search" type="application/opensearchdescription+xml" href="" title="This is Title" />

Just removed the conversion and subsequent import to SunBlog will be flawless.

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