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Play with Blog Widget Module

This video tutorial covers how to play with so lots of awesome widget modules from Ultimate DNN Blog Module – SunBlogNuke; plus you can place any of them in any page at any time and point it to any blog on the portal. Go through list of those sub/utility modules for dnn blog below before you go ahead video tutorial. Content Slider Widget - Allow to display a list of posts, like latest post or featured post, with more flexible way & layout. Home page is good place for showing the latest posts with it. Categories Widget - Allow to display a list of categories/blogs retrieved from some specific blog. Recent Comments Widget - Allow to display a list of recent comments retrieved from some specific blog. Tag Cloud Widget - Allow to display a list of tags retrieved from some specific blog with tagcloud or tag cumulus mode. Authors Widget - Allow to display a list of authors related with your blog. LOTS – please visit our widget directory. Also in the video you will know how to assign blog ...

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Updated for SunBlogNuke v4.2.5 Let us start the blogging journey in DNN now. 1) Log in with Admin privileges. 2) Create the User Account for the blogger, if they don’t already have one. 3) (Optional) Assign them a security role that has/will have View and Edit privileges to the page their blog will be on (you can do this later if you don’t know who you want to set up as the blogger yet). 4) Create the page that will have the blog and install the main blog module on it.  In the tutorial we select RightPane as the location to place the module. After the SunBlog module is added to the page, the following modules are placed in the RightPane, as shown below: SunBlog View SunBlog Meta SunBlog Category SunBlog Archive SunBlog TagCloud SunBlog Search Note that on Page Settings, we may want to assign View and Edit privileges to the Security Role that the user has been or will be assigned to. That is optional and is related with the steps 3). 5) (Optional) let’s move the SunBlog mo ...

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Here we list some settings you should know about SunBlogNuke.

1. How to configure the length of the summary?

The excerpt (summary) of recent posts list works in the following way:
1) If you check "Full show in entrylist", it will show your entire post. If not, go step 2.
2) If you fill in the excerpt for your post, it will show the excerpt always. If not, go step 3.
3) It will show the auto-generated excerpt from your entire entry with the option "Limit auto-generated summary to", which you can find in the "Reading" settings.

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