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How to Active New Widgets

As for some additional widgets, they are not categorized as the core widgets and not be installed in default, such as "subscription" widget. If you would like to active them, please active it manually. Actually it is so easy that follow up the simple steps below: Navigate to the $yourwebsite/DesktopModules/SunBlog directory. Locate the widgets directory. This is the folder that contains all the widgets for SunBlogNuke. Inside this directory you should see the folder called "Subscription", which holds 'Subscription' widget. Double click on it into this widget folder. Copy the manifest file Subscription_install_for_dnn5.x.dnn and paste it into the $yourwebsite/DesktopModules/SunBlog directory. Until now everything is ready for registering the new widget and you can complete it with ftp clients. Navigate to Host->Module Definitions page and enter the "Create New Module" panel from the left top action menu. Configure the options as follows: Create Module Fro ...

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Updated for SunBlogNuke v4.2.5 Let us start the blogging journey in DNN now. 1) Log in with Admin privileges. 2) Create the User Account for the blogger, if they don’t already have one. 3) (Optional) Assign them a security role that has/will have View and Edit privileges to the page their blog will be on (you can do this later if you don’t know who you want to set up as the blogger yet). 4) Create the page that will have the blog and install the main blog module on it.  In the tutorial we select RightPane as the location to place the module. After the SunBlog module is added to the page, the following modules are placed in the RightPane, as shown below: SunBlog View SunBlog Meta SunBlog Category SunBlog Archive SunBlog TagCloud SunBlog Search Note that on Page Settings, we may want to assign View and Edit privileges to the Security Role that the user has been or will be assigned to. That is optional and is related with the steps 3). 5) (Optional) let’s move the SunBlog mo ...

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