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Tutorials about how to configure & admin the blogging module - SunBlogNuke.

Setting up Multiple Blogs

Here this tutorial covers the best practice for setting up multiple blogs in DNN website; plus some troubling in the process. Follow up the steps below with admin/host account: Create a new page (DNN "tab"/page) with some common settings you want. Add SunBlog module to this current page. Note that if you ever built more than one blog in the website, the current blog page should be the aggregated blog view and all the existing blogs will be there. Next you need to bind the target blog with the current page. If not any, please create a new blog instance firstly. Enter dashboard with admin/host account and click 'Blogs' icon to go to the "manage blogs" panel, where you can manipulate all the blogs hosted in the website, such as create a new blog instance or edit blog's properties. As you look in the screenshot, our "Knowledge Base" page, "Showcase Gallery" page & "Team blog" page are separate blogs and built with supporting multi ...

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Blogging with Multiple Authors

There seems to be much demand for this capability - supports multiple authors share one blog for a community or organization in dnn website and that is exactly the main weakness of core blog module. We would like to use the blog module in a team environment where anyone on the team could post an entry to the same blog. The individual user should be credited as the author of the entry (rather than using a shared, generic login). Ideally, the blog owner (or site admin) should be able to designate individual blogs as either "shared" (multiple contributors) or "personal" (a single author). Fortunately ultimate dnn blog module – SunBlogNuke offers team blogs from its initial building and it is so easy to set up multiple authors. There are 2 ways for the blog owner (or host/admin account) to assign those authors for single blog: Assign individual user with specific blog role. That is the common scenes and you can manually add multiple authors to the blog. It is recommended if y ...

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Manage My Blog

That is easy to find the blog manage entrance. As long as you login website with the blog owner account, you will obviously find the manage links in your blog page. There should exist 4 links with which you can enter the manage page for your blog management. If you can not find those links, maybe you had not been authorized as a standard "SunBlogNuke Owner" role yet. Please contact your dnn admin for more details. Take a look at the screenshot:

The blog manage entrances for SunBlogNuke

Writing New Post

PS: updated for SunBlogNuke v4.2.5 with Tom’s great help. In order to write a new post, just follow the steps below: 1) Log in with credentials to write to the blog. 2) From your blog’s main page, look for "Create New Entry" or "Admin Panel" link within the Meta group. 3) Click 'Create New Entry' and go to step 5 below, or click 'Admin Panel' to enter the administrative panel, where you fill all the options for managing the blog as follows: 4) To create your first post you should click the [Add New Entry] link. 5) Enter the Title of your blog post in the Title box. Below that is the Rich Text Editor, where you can type and format your post content. 6) Below the Rich Editor is a box labeled “Tags”. You can add tags to your post by typing them in here, or you can select existing tags by clicking the “Toggle tags container” label to the right of the box. This will display a list of existing tags in your blog. Clicking on them will automatically add them into the tag entry box. All ...

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Manage Posts

If you click the "Entries" options from the administrative panel, you can find the entries list and you can manage yours posts there, including edit, delete operation.

Posts List in SunBlogNuke

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